Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barack Obama to deliver quasi State of the Union, Bobby Jindal to deliver GOP response

President Obama will be addressing a joint session of Congress for the first time in his Presidency. It will be a high profile opportunity one of the GOP's rising stars and possible Obama rival for 2012.
Obama to address joint session of Congress Feb. 24
President Barack Obama plans to address Congress for the first time on Feb. 24, five weeks after his inauguration.

White House officials say that Obama's speech to a joint session of the House and Senate will have the trappings of a State of the Union address, but it will not be considered one. His first State of the Union speech won't come until next January.
Governor Jindal to deliver the rebuttal
Louisiana governor to give high-profile GOP response to Obama
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is set to deliver the Republican response to President Obama's upcoming joint address to Congress, a high-profile slot the party often gives to one of its rising stars...
Jindal, a former congressman in his first term as Louisiana's governor, was widely believed to be on Republican presidential nominee John McCain's short list for vice president, and he often served as a campaign surrogate on the Arizona senator's behalf...
An Ivy League grad and Rhodes Scholar, and his state's first nonwhite governor, Jindal has long been on the GOP's radar screen as a potential future leader and likely presidential candidate. And as the GOP is launching full-scale efforts to appeal to nonwhite voters, Jindal has become one of the party's most high-profile minorities.
If you're noticing a theme with the speakers. As Glenn Beck reminds, we should judge with our ears and not only with our eyes.

VIDEO: Glenn Beck on color and ethnicity in politics
GLENN BECK: We have to get past this idea of what they look like, how they present themselves. Let's just please listen to their ideas. Let's decide this on who's ideas are better...

It should point out that there are many Americans like myself where color and ethnicity doesn't matter at all. We've come even farther than the media has been telling us we have...
Though its worth pointing out Glenn Beck's credentials on this matter have been questioned in the past.

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