Saturday, February 21, 2009

Joy Behar VS Ann Coulter: One on One on Larry King live

Joy Behar filling in for Larry King, hosted Ann Coulter

This is a rematch between Joy Behar and Ann Coulter, you'll remember Ann appeared on 'The View' promoting her latest book a few months ago. You might think this encounter would be more combustible as the most controversial and incorrigible representatives of the left (Joy) and right (Ann) are Mano-a-mano. Thankfully the long-form format coupled with Joy being the humble fill-in on behalf of Larry King leads to a muted, less theatrical showdown than it could have been.

Joy Behar and Ann Coulter talking about Rush Limbaugh
CNN Larry King Live transcript
Interview With Ann Coulter - Aired February 19, 2009
BEHAR: But I'm not that into somebody who filibusters like that. I like a conversation.
COULTER: You don't listen to him. How do you know he filibusters?
BEHAR: Because I worked with him for three years and I know what he does.
BEHAR: I used to work with him in the early '90s. I had a radio show on WABC Radio.
COULTER: OK. So from 20 years ago, you have decided you know that he is an extremist? BEHAR: I see him all the time. I know...
COULTER: When he has 20 million listeners.
BEHAR: I know his routine. I know his rap.

Ann Coulter on Love and hate
BEHAR: Do you think that people hate you?
COULTER: No. Not when I have seven "New York Times" best-sellers. No, I'm -- I'm very popular.
BEHAR: But you -- no, you can't have everybody love you. Not everybody loves you, Ann. People think that...
COULTER: You asked me if people hated me...
BEHAR: But you said because you sell books that makes you people -- that makes you think that people love you...
COULTER: I said that indicates to me that they do not hate me, which was the question, Joy.

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