Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stephen Colbert's Oscar Prediction - "Mickey Rourke won't win?"

Mickey Rourke, the legendary actor who has reignited his career with the independent movie 'The Wrestler' is widely tipped as the favourite for this year's Best Actor Academy Award. Stephen Colbert with his customary predictions doesn't agree. Or does he?

The DaColbert Code - Oscar Predictions

STEPHEN COLBERT: Daniel Day Lewis, Emmanuel Lewis, Rahm Emanuel, CD Rom, Seedy Hotel, Elliot Spitzer, Elliot, "ET phone home", homosexual, gay rights, gay rights activist Harvey Milk played by Sean Penn... no no I won't have it, Penn, pen, pen writing words, writing the words, writing the words.. Mickey Rourke will win for 'The Wrestler'

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