Friday, February 20, 2009

LA Times and Huffington Post: Cenk Uygur and Sam Seder fans lobby MSNBC

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Cenk Uygur and Sam Seder lobby MSNBC
The LA Time did a comprehensive feature on the furious lobbying for the reported opening of a timeslot on MSNBC programming. The lobbying has been organised by the grassroots fans and the aspiring talkers themselves. Agents are on the phone, fans are inundating inboxes and supporters are stuffing the polls in the hope of getting their favourite pundit an enviable TV spot.
MSNBC viewers lobby for a liberal host
The grass-roots campaigns were triggered by the news that the cable channel (MSNBC) is contemplating creating a new show for its 7 p.m. time slot, currently occupied by a repeat of "Countdown With Keith Olbermann." That prompted the launch of independent Facebook groups extolling the merits of two radio hosts: Cenk Uygur of the Internet show "The Young Turks" and Sam Seder of Air America...
Anyone who has been listening to Sam Seder's or Cenk Uygur's programming will be aware of the full court press the hosts and their fans have been putting into scoring this coveted spot.

Huffington Post does an exhaustive report on the campaign's run by the two front-runners, Sam Seder and Cenk Uygur
Progressive Hosts Vie For MSNBC's 10PM Slot
With MSNBC announcing that it was looking to fill its 10PM time slot with original broadcasting, two prominent self-avowed liberals are positioning themselves for the post.

Cenk Uygur, of the Young Turks Show, and Sam Seder, who headed a popular eponymous show on Air America, aren't taking the traditional route to the recently announced opening. Rather than rise through the cable news structure, they are using new media tools to organize their supporters and put pressure on MSNBC brass. In Uygur's case, the effort is billed as an election-year style campaign (think: Barack Obama meets "30 Rock.")
In case you're wondering why Marc Maron (Sam Seder's current co-host) isn't mentioned amongst the contenders. Marc recently offered this insight on a recent show.
MARON: Look at you getting dressed up for your boyfriends at MSNBC
SEDER: Who me?
MARON: I can’t be talking about me. Noone even – I’m not even in the running. Apparently Keith Olbermann thinks I’m crazy

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