Monday, February 2, 2009

No Stimulus and "Speaking Democrat": A Primer by Congressman Thaddeus McCotter

There has been a lot of debate in Washington over President Obama's stimulus package, a larger supplement to the George W Bush stimulus packages signed in his closing year in office.

The Obama Administration, with its emphasis on post-partisanship and "change" hopes to leave behind the cheap political point scoring and ideological name calling. At it's height during the Presidential campaign seasons in 04' and 08' and ever present for George W Bush' 8 years in office. Creating a climate that infers America has shifted from a 'Terrorist' Presidency to a 'Socialist' one.

That "hope" of a new tone may be short lived as the minority House Republicans unanimously opposed the Stimulus bill. Despite attempts by President Obama to foster a less divisive climate in Washington.

A great example of the type of division and apprehension politicians from opposite sides have for each other is demonstrated in this video featuring Republican Congressman Thaddeus McCotter from Michigan.
VIDEO: Speaking Democrat - A Primer by Rep. McCotter
"Speaking Democrat: A Primer" (transcript)
THADDEUS McCOTTER: We're going to learn how to speak Democrat today...

We hear the word change which means the 1970's. Democrats will bring you change. Translation, Democrats will bring you the 1970's.

Government means socialism. Democrats support proactive government. Translation, Democrats support proactive socialism.

Enhance revenues translates into raise taxes. Democrats will enhance revenues. Translation, Democrats will raise taxes.

This is my favorite part. The rich means you. For example, Democrats will only tax the rich. Translation, Democrats will only tax you. Ouch.
The congressman providing a tongue-in-cheek lesson on the rhetoric used by his liberal colleagues. Whilst certainly exercised for comedic effect. Its the type of ribbing usually delivered in the form of chain emails, cheekily forwarded to colleagues to aggravate or amuse. Not something to be acted on the House floor with props. McCotter's promo was done in 2008 when Obama's promise of post partisanship was still a campaign slogan and not a Presidential decree.

It's reminiscent of the parody segments in Wrestling, where wrestlers use excessive amounts of ring time to stage elaborate stunts and mocking displays to aggravate their opponents and escalate feuds. Not as immediate or substantial as a face to face staredown with an opponent, or a direct exchange of words and fists. More a psychological taunt.

VIDEO: DX parody 'The Corporation'

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