Friday, February 27, 2009

Tucker Carlson booed at CPAC. Michelle Malkin feels it was deserved

Speaking on the first day of CPAC 2009 (Conservative Political Action Conference), Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson was roundly booed for his tacit support of the 'New York Times'. A favourite target of the right for it's supposed liberal bias.

VIDEO: CPAC - Tucker Carlson tries to defend the New York Times, gets booed
As the Washington Independent reports, the timing of Tucker's charge was made more awkward as an advertisement for PajamasTV (online conservative news) seemed to illustrate Tucker's unpopular point.
Conservatives Confident Their Day Is Coming
Carlson finished his speech ("thank you for indulging me") and the day was gaveled to a close. The image on the giant screens in the Omni Shoreham’s ballroom changed to an ad for PajamasTV, which promised "analysis" of the news-just the thing that Carlson had criticized. In a parody of Apple’s "I’m a Mac, I’m a PC" ads, a staid-looking man in a suit played "mainstream media" to a hip young man’s "PajamasTV."

"It’s my job to tell you the facts," said Mainstream Media.
"Yeah, like Dan Rather got it right about President Bush’s service record," said PajamasTV.
Influential blogger and Pajamas TV presenter Michelle Malkin echoed the sentiments of the jeering CPAC crowd. Michelle, who has spearheaded reporting that has successfully entered and challenged the mainstream news cycle disabuses Tucker of the notion that the right don't do any reporting of their own. Listing her newest contributions:
The whitewashing of Gary Locke — and why Tucker Carlson deserved to be booed
I was amused to read about Tucker Carlson’s finger-wagging to conservatives at CPAC yesterday — apparently repeating the canard that the Right doesn’t do reporting like the vaunted New York Times and needs to stop "just analyzing things based on what the mainstream media has reported."...

Today my syndicated column reports on the truth about Gary Locke’s ethics-tainted record, which you can find in blogs, but not in the New York Times...
Michelle eases up slightly, by giving some credit to Tucker before the final uppercut
It’s one thing to see left-wingers pimp the myth that conservatives don’t do reporting. But to have a Beltway conservative show up to CPAC and lazily engage in such uninformed sanctimony? Funny thing is: Carlson was a terrific reporter in the early days of his own career... before he went on to become one of those many, you know, professional analyzers of things. Do as he says, not as he does.

He deserves all the boos he got.

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