Wednesday, February 11, 2009

President Obama, a change from George W Bush

How you ask? In a Town Hall meeting at Elkhart, Indiana. Barack Obama showed two reasons why he is different to former President George W Bush.
1) He's not afraid to admit his mistakes
2) He's up for a beer, with his critics no less.
President Bush was known for not admitting his faults (until the very end) and for giving up alcohol.

VIDEO: President Obama admits when he's wrong
Now There's Change: Obama takes a question from a Hannity fan
But having said that, what I did acknowledge -- and I said it publicly on just about every TV station -- is something that you probably sometimes don't hear from politicians, which is: I made a mistake. (Applause.) And that, because I don't want to send the signal that they're two sets of rules.

Now, understand, though, I think something that should also be mentioned is that we've set up an unprecedented set of ethics rules in my White House
2) VIDEO: Obama entertaining a beer with Sean Hannity
Now, with respect to Sean Hannity, I didn't know that he had invited me for a beer. (Laughter.) But I will take that under advisement. (Laughter.) Generally, his opinion of me does not seem to be very high -- (laughter) -- but I'm always good for a beer, so -- (laughter and applause.)
After putting Rush Limbaugh "over" the last few weeks, it looks like President Obama has restarted his program with Sean Hannity.

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