Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Barack Obama and Governor Bobby Jindal: Cool and somewhat dorky?

President Obama's first Address to Congress

President Obama addresses the nation before a joint session of Congress. In his speech focusing on the economy and the promotion of his economic agenda.

Republican Response to President Obama Address to Congress

Louisiana Gov. Jindal delivered the Republican Party response to President Obama's Address.

As I did with the last State of the Union Address, attached is an animation so you can insert your own applause for both speeches. Whilst hopes were high for Bobby Jindal's opportunity to shine. The early reviews from both sides of the aisle have not been kind.

From conservative AllahPundit of HotAir:
Video: Jindal’s “awful” rebuttal
"Awful" is Ace’s word but I’m in no mood to disagree. And neither are most HA commenters, judging from this mammoth thread. This was his star turn and he came off wooden, especially at the beginning. Oh well. His loss is the rest of the GOP governors’ gain.

From liberal John Amato of CrooksAndLiars:
Bobby Jindal's Zombie like performance uses phony Republican talking point of 'magnetic levitation' trains
Bobby Jindal walked out to the microphone with a glaze in his eyes and seemed hopped up on Red Bull as he shuffled through the Republican response speech to President Obama. If the Republican Party thinks he's their solution they are sadly mistaken.

Instead of launching his national political career, he just about ended it. Some people thought he reminded them of Kenneth from 30 Rock, but at least Kenneth has some enthusiasm.

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