Friday, February 13, 2009

Hugh Hewitt sounds off on Republican leaders and fellow conservative pundits

Pundits will rarely attack members off their own party. When they do, it is usually strategic. Some gamesmanship to get them to see the light or perhaps draw attention to get ratings. Even when the attack seems personal or a form of catharsis there is often a method to the madness. Admittedly there are rare occasions when ideological familiars inadvertently butt heads.

Rush Limbaugh by attacking Republicans in Washington, stiffened their spines to fight against the Democrats but also cow them with his influence. Whilst boosting his exposure with the media attention.

Hugh Hewitt in a recent segment off his show, went on a tirade against Republican leaders in California, local Conservative Radio talkers and on one of the biggest conservative pundits in America. The attacks weren't threaded by any particular political theme but could best best described as "things that were p*ssing Hugh off that day".

The strategy in this case was to marginalise conservative representatives in media and government that Hugh deemed hurt the Conservative brand. That may be so but the tirade is the best example I've seen of a pundit calling people of his own party out just cause he felt like it.

Hugh Hewitt attacking California Senator Cogdill
Any republican votes for this, their dooming the party. Just absolutely dooming the party... What did Dave Cogdill say?
Why [won't he come on]. He's too busy! They will not talk to the voters of California. He's finished! He oughta quit. He came out broken and bloodied like a loser in the gladiator battle earlier on. "I did the best I could" (putting on meek voice). You know how you'd do better? Leave. Just leave! Run away. We would be much better off if you run away. That's what the Republicans are right now. They're dead.
Hugh segues into a rant against local Conservative talkers, John and Ken
You know what also makes me crazy? Driving home last night listening to the knuckleheads on a different station, John and Ken the pot and pan bangers... and they're screaming and I think to myself "You Idiots! You dummies." You spend your whole life screaming about illegals. All they ever do is scream about illegals and they're surprised when a Democratically dominated legislature raises taxes. It's like they never got the memo. Democrats raise taxes you knuckleheads and they spend their whole time attacking Republicans.

Now I'm mad at the Republicans right now because they folded up like a cheap suit. But when you hear the pot and pan bangers. The morons on these radio stations who - surprise, surprise - the Democrats are raising taxes. You wonder where they've been all their lives. I know they're not educated...
Hugh ends his tirade, sounding off on popular Conservative talker Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter drives me crazy!
Listen to Hugh Hewitt's tirade from his February 12, 2009 show here - H2: Norm Coleman, James Lileks With Hugh Hewitt

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