Monday, April 6, 2009

April Fools Hannity intro from Alan Colmes: "Grab your hammer and sickle, Colmes starts right now"

VIDEO: "Hannity" April Fools Day Open With Alan Colmes
Transcript of Alan Colmes' April Fools intro for FoxNews' 'Hannity' show
VOICEOVER: From Red Square to the shores of Havana. From San Francisco all the way to Berkeley. And from the West Village to the Upper West Side, Colmes is on...

COLMES: Tonight we are live at Mt Rushmore where the final touches are being put on Barack Obama's face after just 72 days in office. Then, what do Republicans hate as much as poor people? Furry little animals, and we have the video to prove it. Plus Al Gore says Ann Coulter is to blame for Global Warming, so it must be true. And an emotional retrospective on the life and work of Noam Chomsky. All that plus an Anti-American featuring Bill Ayers, Sean Penn and anybody from France.

Grab your hammer and sickle, Colmes starts right now
An effective prank but juxtaposing the parody intro with Hannity's real opener with featuring the G20 protests, Tea Party rallies and "the spread of socialism" was slightly jarring. Suggesting that the parody was not a critique of sensationalism and absurdity but rather that it was simply (radically) left-leaning.

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