Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glenn Beck's guest, David Buckner faints on air. Was it real or faked?

VIDEO: Glenn Beck's Guest Passes Out Live
University professor David Buckner passed out whilst on air with Glenn Beck. Considering Beck's reputation for dramatic theatre, this incident would have had people wondering whether this was real or staged.

If you thought Glenn Beck's show couldn't possibly get any more theatrical, this proves otherwise. Beck acknowledged the value of the unexpected incident
Columbia prof passes out on Beck's show
Beck said the EMS was treating Buckner, and he's "totally fine." Buckner apologized to Beck, who said he told the guest not to worry because "the ratings will be through the roof."
This fainting incident would have been fairly innocuous on another program but takes on a sensational air on Glenn Beck's. This is not too dissimilar to what happens in pro-wrestling. Due to the the regularly sensational content, the way it purposefully blurs reality and the lazy dismissal that "it's all fake". When real things do happen in the world of wrestling on and off stage - even unfortunately in the case of an on-air death - speculation is bound to occur.

Update April 15: Glenn Beck on Fox and Friends

Glenn Beck was a guest on Fox & Friends this morning, recounting with the team on how surreal the fainting incident was for his staff.
GLENN BECK: OK, that was the scariest part. When he said I'm gonna pass out, I just thought he was like "cuz this is so out of control" and then you could see it in my face. I'm processing "wait a minute, I think he might be passing out here. I don't know what to do"...
It was surreal. You know what's funny is? everybody on the set -- finally I had to say "Can I get some help here?" Nobody moved from their place because everybody thought...
STEVE DOOCY: It was part of the show (finishing Beck's sentence)
GRETCHEN CARLSON: This is another Glenn Beck antic
BECK: He's doing something crazy again

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