Thursday, April 16, 2009

CNN VS Fox News - Susan Roesgen VS Shepard Smith

A little back and forth between CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen and Fox Anchor Shepard Smith during the Tax Day Tea Parties

VIDEO: Susan Roesgen on Fox News' support of the Tax Day Tea Parties
Susan Roesgen speaks to a man at the Tax Day Tea Party with a hint of hostility
SUSAN ROESGEN: I think you get the general tenor of this. It's Anti-Government, Anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox. And since I can't really hear much more and I think this is not really family viewing we'll toss it back to you Keira
VIDEO: Shep Smith on Susan Roesgen and CNN
Shepard on FoxNews fires back at Susan during his cross to Neil Cavuto
SHEP SMITH: Just a minute ago, that Susan Roesgen from that CNN that people use to watch a long time ago, she says that this is Anti-CNN and Anti-Government and highly promoted by the conservative Fox network... Anti-CNN, who's Anti-CNN? Settle down Susan. C'mon girl...
(fast forward)
In Sacramento at what is an "Anti-tax/ I'm fed up rally" that has nothing to do with CNN. Poor Susan Roesgen. Nobody hates you, we love the CNN now (audible boos) relax everybody c'mon. Don't get your hate on. My producer says she doesn't love CNN but you know what I mean.
The Huffington Post references Washington Post Media critic Howard Kurtz and speaks to the partisan coverage of the Tea Parties
Howard Kurtz Shocked By Fox News Tea Party Promotion
On the other hand, this brief rant by Fox Business Network anchor Cody Willard, posted by a Daily Kos contributor, didn't meet my definition of fair and balanced. Speaking of a young girl, Willard says: "Now she has to pay for the $800-billion Republican-Democrat fascist stimulus package . . . Guys, when are we going to wake up and start fighting the fascism that seems to be permeating this country?"

Guys, what happened to we're-just-covering-the-events?

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