Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bill O'Reilly gives Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert a "reality check"

VIDEO: The O'Reilly Factor 'Reality Check' - Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart
Epic Fail: O'Reilly tries his hand at comedy
BILL O'REILLY: Our pal Jon Stewart who like his compadre Steve (sic) Colbert speaks to a largely liberal audience every night on the Comedy Channel thus Mr Stewart has to roam around trying to get gotcha items on people like me...

--plays Jon Stewart/ Daily Show clip--
JON STEWART: This Tea Party movement is like 'Freaky Friday', apparently the Right and the Left must have touched some magic skull at the same time and now everything is reversed.

Everything that the Right hated - (cue video snippet)
BILL O'REILLY: On the pinhead front - this is too easy - CodePink protested in front of CNN this weekend, nobody quite knows why or cares
They now embrace (cue video snippet)
BILL O'REILLY: Where ever you stand the protesters today are valid. I think they appreciate the fact that Fox News respects dissent

BILL O'REILLY: Of course what Mr Stewart did not tell his audience because it might have confused them is that 'Code Pink' has appeared on The Factor 11 times... Like Mr Stewart we poke a little fun but we're not hateful. Unlike Jon we give the entire story because our audience wants that.
Bill O'Reilly also featured these "two wild and crazy guys" Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart in a Reality Check segment last year, saying of their Emmy appearance "so much wit so little time".
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VIDEO: Bill O'Reilly - Colbert & Stewart at the Emmy's 09/22/08

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