Friday, April 10, 2009

Glenn Beck: President Obama why don't you just set us on fire?

VIDEO: Bill Schulz gets drenched in "Gasoline" by Glenn Beck
GLENN BECK: ...President Obama why don't you just set us on fire? For the love of Pete, what are you doing? Do you not hear the cries of people saying STOP!
Played out in the equally theatrical wrestling world; In Glenn Beck's mind President Obama would be 'Kane', the American people would be Jim Ross and Glenn Beck as fan favorite 'Stone Cold Steve Austin'.

Upon further review, maybe Jim Ross represents America ("The Republic") and the voices yelling "Stop/ What are you doing?" are the American people.

VIDEO: Kane sets Jim Ross on fire

Update 2:
Its unspoken but the APF pundits are based on analogous wrestler templates. I alluded in a previous post which wrestlers might have been references for the Glenn Beck pundit. With this video I'm starting to like Stone Cold as the analog, it certainly wasn't evident a year ago. Glenn Beck like 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is a fan favorite best known for taking it to the man, tormenting 'the boss' with theatrical stunts. For Beck's detractors, he's "Stone Cold crazy" eh eh.

Here is the new Glenn Beck pundit animation, with updated details to reflect his new persona and popularity. Click on the toggle on the bottom left corner to switch between outfits.

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