Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu and how pigs are "more dangerous than Bin Laden"

With all the 'Swine flu' panic going on in the news. I thought I'd unearth this story that got quite a bit of play from conservative pundits at the time. Whilst it involves an alarming threat caused by pigs (specifically Hog farming), as far as I can tell it's unrelated to the 'Swine Flu' scare.

VIDEO: Glenn Beck on Robert F Kennedy and Hog Farming
Are Pig Farms More Dangerous Than Terrorists?
BECK: Holy cow. What the question was, "Did you say that pig farms are more dangerous than Usama bin Laden?" He's not sure that he said it, but he agrees with it and he supports it.
- Watch a fuller clip of Robert F Kennedy testifying to congress here.

Robert F Kennedy's claims are explained in this Washington Times article
RFK Jr.: Hog farms bigger threat than Osama
Mr. Kennedy, son of the the slain New York Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, is an environmental law attorney who was testifying before a House Judiciary subcomittee when Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican, asked him if a quotation attributed to him in 2002 about hog farmers representing a greater threat than the leader of Al Qaeda was accurate.

"I don't know if that [quotation] is accurate, but I believe it and I support it," said Mr. Kennedy, who has been involved in a vigorous legal effort against the meat industry for some years, arguing that manure and other products associated with large livestock producers emit toxic wastes that threaten the environment...

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