Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Indian-American Actor Kal Penn accepts a job in Barack Obama's White House

Kumar Goes to Washington
We've had actors-turned-mayors, and actors-turned-governors... but actors-turned-White House staffers? That's a new one!

"House" star Kal Penn -- whose character was killed off on Monday's episode -- is taking a sabbatical from acting to work for President Obama.
Actors like Fred Thompson, Jesse Ventura, Al Franken and Arnold Schwarzenegger all come to mind. 31yr-old Indian-American actor Kal Penn is breaking some interesting ground by sacrificing a lucrative lifestyle in the spotlight for his political convictions. Celebrities are often ridiculed for their political activism as they are caricatured for being out of touch from mainstream society.

Kal Penn is best known as Kumar from the Harold and Kumar movies and serious turns in the TV series 'House' and drama 'The Namesake'

Conservative Ed Morrissey gives Kal Penn kudos for his principled transition
Kumar goes to the West Wing?
I give kudos to Penn for pursuing public service at a large personal cost, at least financially. Public service can be honorable, and Penn deserves credit for choosing to work in that arena, even if I don’t necessarily agree with Penn on politics. I felt the same way when Tony Snow gave up his financially lucrative talk-show career to bring order back to the Bush press office, giving service to his country.
- Sean Hannity is not so impressed, snarkily boxing Kal Penn as the "star from the stoner movies"

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