Friday, April 24, 2009

Ellis Helican VS Bill O'Reilly debate on Waterboarding and Torture

Video: Ellis Helican VS Bill O'Reilly, April 22 2009

ELLIS HELICAN: ... Expediency don't justify doing something that's wrong
BILL O'REILLY: Expediency huh to save your life (pointing) I would have dunked that guy that guy into water
HELICAN: You're comin' out for water now?
O'REILLY: Torture my ass. Bleep that board
HELICAN: Torture!
O'REILLY: Alright Ellis, calm down. We'll waterboard Ellis in a moment

Steve Young of DailyKOs gleefully uses the "Pundit Fight" analogy to describe the shouting match between Bill O'Reilly and Ellis Helican on the definition and effectiveness of torture. It is a rematch of this battle, proving that even when the match is heavily weighted favouring O'Reilly the Independent Helican is a formidable opponent.
Bill O'Reilly Gets The Bleep Beat Out Of Him
If it were a boxing match, it would have been stopped. Bill O’Reilly kept trying to clinch, interrupting nearly every sentence Fox News contributor, Ellis Henican threw that wasn’t going the way Bill wanted - which was pretty much every one of them. Bill O’Reilly was bloodied to the point he had to be bleeped - "torture, my ass." The only thing that saved Bill was the commercial bell.

Read comments on this exchange at 'Crooks and Liars': - Why are you scared of the facts?' Bill O'Reilly finally meets his match in Ellis Henican

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