Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Ed Show on MSNBC: Keith Olbermann welcomes Ed Schultz to MSNBC

MSNBC has added veteran radio host Ed Schultz on their roster with a new show for the 6pm timeslot currently occupied by David Shuster. Keith Olbermann made a 'Special announcement' welcoming Ed:

VIDEO: Keith Olbermann's Big Announcement  - Ed Schultz Comes To MSNBC!
KEITH OLBERMANN: You've got the conundrum all of us have as this thing gets more and more successful, the show's got to look like a relative of all the other shows. Right before it, right afterwards but not too much. I mean Chris is the political inside baseball guy. Rachel is the affable, charming, policy wonk. I'm the a**hole. What are you gonna be?

ED SCHULTZ: I'm gonna be the guy who represents people who take a shower after work. I'm gonna be that guy who is gonna be there for the working folk of America. I'm a staunch supporter of Unions. I do believe that the American people can pull out of this. We have the heart, we have the desire...
Read reactions on the Ed Schultz MSNBC signing:
Sam Seder who famously sparred with fellow liberal Talker Ed Schultz had this to say
Just for the record- Red knew I never even mentioned him on air, all I suggested was listeners should support Thom Hartmann on the then Air America channel on XM.
VIDEO: Ed Schultz VS Sam Seder and Air America (1 of 2)

Ed Morrissey of HotAir on Ed Schultz's new show on MSBC
Video: Schultz dishes on his sponsors
I got a lot of e-mail when MS-NBC announced its deal with Ed Schultz, wondering how he got a TV gig, but it was really not that big of a story. Successful libtalkers are pretty rare — which is why the Left wants the Fairness Doctrine returned. It’s basically a subsidy for libtalkers who can’t compete. Schultz has hit the top of that segment, though, showing significant commercial success. He’s probably the most successful libtalker in the business, and it makes sense for a TV network deliberately and explicitly positioning themselves as the Progressive Channel to eventually give him his shot.
No word yet on how this affects the much talked about 10pm slot contested by Pete Dominick, Cenk Uygur and Sam Seder.

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