Tuesday, April 28, 2009

McCain Calls Out "Extreme Talk Show Hosts"..."Shameful"

VIDEO: McCain on CBS' 'Face the Nation, labels "Extreme Talk Show Hosts" as "Shameful"

Face The Nation (April 26, 2009)
BOB SCHIEFFER: Vice President Cheney says he wants more of these documents made public, so the public will understand that these interrogation methods worked
JOHN McCAIN: Well as you know the [former] Vice President and I strongly disagree on the fundamentals of this issue... but the Vice President of the United States has the right to weigh in on this discussion if he wants to...

and when extreme talk show hosts say that he wants another attack on the United States, I think that's shameful.

John McCain referring to Dick Cheney's call for a release of memos to highlight the results of the Bush Administration's contentious interrogation methods
Cheney Calls for Release of Memos Showing Results of Interrogation Efforts
Cheney said he's asked that the documents be declassified because he has remained silent on the confidential information...

"I've now formally asked the CIA to take steps to declassify those memos so we can lay them out there and the American people have a chance to see what we obtained and what we learned and how good the intelligence was."

Cheney says he doesn't find it surprising that he's still asked for his views on administrative policies and thinks it's appropriate for those with a different point of view to be able to express it -- and give the American people the ability to evaluate.

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