Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rush Limbaugh on Charlie Rose and David Brooks' conversation regarding President Obama first 100 days

Rush Limbaugh speaks to Barack Obama's first 100 days and his explanation as to why some in the media are enamored by the Obama White House.
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Barack Obama as the Riddler
The Seduction of David Brooks
RUSH LIMBAUGH: ...Competent manager? He's running a marketing campaign rather than being president. He's running a PR campaign rather than being president. He's being president, don't misunderstand, but it's all perception. It's not reality... This is Charlie Rose and David Brooks just slobbering, literally slobbering over Barack Obama...

--audio snippet--
ROSE: This White House is very much an intellectual hothouse.
BROOKS: Intellectual power.
ROSE: The self-confidence and the intelligence.
BROOKS: There are certain intellects which are like fluorescent, and the president is one of them.
--end snippet--

RUSH LIMBAUGH: ...I think Barack Obama is very, very accomplished at bashing America. But that sickening sound bite we had of Charlie Rose and David Brooks practically choking on insulin it was so sweet and syrupy, proves the allure of the demagogue. It proves how easy it is for them to get people -- and you know who the easiest marks for demagogues are? Elites...
The Limbaugh site is always an amusing source for photoshopped pictures. Arguably one of the more obscurer references used in this latest picture. Barack Obama as Jim Carrey's "The Riddler" from 'Batman Forever' (1995), in the movie The Riddler invents "a device that manipulates human brainwaves and transfers them into his own head".

Watch the full video from the official 'Charlie Rose' site

VIDEO: A conversation with David Brooks - 'Charlie Rose' April 23, 2009

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