Monday, May 25, 2009

Bill Maher interviewed by Howard Kurtz of CNN's 'Reliable Sources'

Howard Kurtz of 'Reliable Sources' interviews comedian Bill Maher. Topics included mocking President Obama, swine flu hysteria, religion and Miss California. Kurtz also questioned Maher on the criticisms leveled at him by Fox News' personalities Sean Hannity and Greg Gutfeld as well as the difficulty of booking conservatives for his show.

VIDEO: Matching wits with Maher
KURTZ: You seem not to be the most popular guy on Fox News these days.
Sean Hannity --
MAHER: Really? What changed?

(play video clip)
HANNITY: I see this with Bill Maher. Bill Maher's become an angry, bitter guy.

MAHER: No, he's an angry, bitter guy. That's called projecting.
That's called taking what you feel and giving it to somebody else. I'm a happy, single guy. He's a repressed, typical Republican.

I'm sure just terribly sexually repressed and it comes out in all their sorts of hatred and vile and bile -- why would I be bitter? First of all, our side won. You know, their side is in a wilderness like there's been before.
Bill Maher spoke about the difficulty of booking conservative guests and the way the men for the most part are the most sensitive to criticism. Not the compliment to Maher's "friend" Ann Coulter.
BILL MAHER: Is it harder to get conservative guests? Absolutely. Half the time when they come on they whine about it. They come on our show and write a blog about how "terrible it was because they sandbagged me". Which is ridiculous. I don't sandbag anybody. You're suppose to be a speaker for a living, you have a microphone. Talk. If I said something so awful. Make me look ridiculous, you have that ability.

It's interesting, the women guests never do that. Ann Coulter never does that

HOWARD KURTZ: You're friends with Ann Coulter
MAHER: Absolutely. She never whines. Amy Holmes, she never whines. It's the men in the Republican Party who are such girls.

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