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What happens when a Pundit (Sam Seder) calls in to debate another Radio Talker (Ken Pittman)

I've previously discussed liberal talker Sam Seder's debating prowess against conservative callers. I've also highlighted his ability to rebut arguments forwarded by Conservative Talkers from Rush Limbaugh to Michael Medved and Glenn Beck. Usually achieved by playing a clip then deconstructing it to expose what he sees as absurdities or flaws in their case.

I've always wondered what would happen if a Radio Talker called into another talker's program like any other citizen and conducted an impromptu debate. Sam Seder, an able debater does just that. It takes a certain type of pundit to even attempt this, someone with an ego and reputation small enough that they're willing to play "on the road" by calling into a rival's program but big enough that it still projects strength rather than desperate plea for attention.

Sam Seder calls into "Janeane Garofalo Stalker" Ken Pittman, a rematch from his harassing crank phone calls when Sam was sticking up for his former co-host. The two have an impromptu debate about what the Tea Parties were really about.

VIDEO: Sam Seder VS Ken Pittman Round 2. Pt 1
Some credit has to go to Ken Pittman for allowing the debate to play out, without filibustering or cutting it short. The only other pundit besides Sam Seder himself that has a personality or show format that would accommodate an impromptu marathon debate (which is great radio I might add) is conservative Hugh Hewitt and liberal Thom Hartmann.
Wherein Conservative Talk Radio hosts get stripped naked
SAM SEDER: When you tell me people are out there because of the spending, you have no answer for the fact that the vast majority of our national debt was accumulated under Republicans and George Bush. You still have not answered that question? Why did it take you so long. Why did it take Barack Obama to be elected for you guys...
KEN PITTMAN: That's a fair question, but the idea that you're going to spend now...
SEDER: Do you have an answer for it?
PITTMAN: I don't think people are aware of it. Collectively. Honestly.
SEDER: Now how do you think it is
PITTMAN: Now hold on -- in order to have a debate you need to have an exchange of thoughts here
Update: May 21
VIDEO: Sam Seder VS Ken Pittman Round 2. Pt 2

PT 2 Pittman to the cleaners
KEN PITTMAN: ... so we're not 180 degrees there, we just see things differently
SAM SEDER: Right, you're not suggesting a cut, you're just saying a shifting of priorities... so the issue wasn't really that there was too much money being spent -
PITTMAN: Absolutely
SEDER: You would have liked to have seen it more targeted. Now I don't remember anybody on Fox News ever saying that and you didn't go to the Tea Parties so maybe that's why you're confused as to what they're about
PITTMAN: I'm not confused about anything and I don't represent Fox News and not one time have I tried to insult your intelligence and you've tried to do it to me 3 or 4 times
SEDER: Now I wouldn't try and suggest that but you know what are you gonna do?
PITTMAN: What do you mean what am I gonna do?
SEDER: Well, I didn't mean to insult your intelligence there are times where you have been getting your facts wrong...
PITTMAN: Tell me where I'm getting my facts wrong... Sam all you're doing is interrupting me
Update: May 22
VIDEO: Sam Seder VS Ken Pittman Round 2. Pt 3
Seder calls Garofalo Stalker Round 3 of 3
SAM SEDER: Go down the list, tell me one or two infrastructure projects that you think were not worthwhile
KEN PITTMAN: OK how bout the bridge in Missouri, it's a $300 million dollar project
SEDER: How much was it?
PITTMAN: I think it's a $300 million dollar project in Missouri, I don't have it right in front of me nor did I know you were gonna call cuz I certainly would have been more prepared.But I'm trying to do this off the cuff which is fine.
Read Ken Pittman's post game analysis of the debate on his official site -
Sam Seder pranks then interupts and lies to survive debate with Ken
5) Now, to his credit, Seder caught me flat footed on the specifics of my objections to the American Economic Recovery Plan or the 'stimulus' package the president designed for improving our economy. Despite his interupting and digression tactics, I was abhorant in response in my opinion. The list is long and complaints many but all I came up with to begin was the infrastructure plans and he made sure I didn't get on track. This was the strongest point in the debate for Seder but I have to take the blame for perhaps being a bit over accomodating his constant interuptions which affected my train of thought. I look forward to another exchange on 1420 AM WBSM.

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