Thursday, May 14, 2009

John McCain's mother, Roberta McCain calls out Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann on' The Jay Leno show

At 97 years old, John McCain's mother Roberta McCain takes the record for being the oldest person to call out an APF pundit.

When Jay Leno asked the elder Mother McCain "which commentators bothered her on the left" she remarked
ROBERTA McCAIN: Olbermann - Myself I can't figure out the type of person who really, more or less gets joys denigrating people, humiliating people. I'm just not that type of person and I don't have friends like that and thank God I'm not around people like him.
Jay Leno naturally followed up with "Who annoys you on the right", Roberta McCain didn't give a clear answer but offered this about Rush Limbaugh once Leno insisted:
ROBERTA McCAIN: What he [Rush] thinks about or what he represents about the Republican Party has nothing to do with my side of it. I don't know what the man means, I don't know what he's talking about... well also the Chairman of the Republican Party, Steele was exactly right when he defined this man as an entertainer and to my horror the Republican Party made him back up on it. Limbaugh you're a compliment when he says you're an entertainer. I don't know what he is but he does not represent the Republican Party I belong to
VIDEO: Roberta McCain on the 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' (5/13/09)

Meghan McCain proving to be quite the 'wrestling heel' (villain or provocateur) gleefully twittered "I love that my Nana talked smack about Rush on Jay Leno..."

To which a FreePer astutely noted that
Meghan McCain happy that her grandmother "talked smack" about Rush last night
Her "Nana" also "talked smack" about Olbermann, but she didn't seem to love that.
It will be interesting to see if Rush Limbaugh or Keith Olbermann return fire at 'Nana McCain' considering her frail age. Both have the merciless personas capable of it and a show format that would support it.

Pro wrestling never had a problem with keeping the gloves off no matter how old the targets or aggressors were. As this blog has proven, Punditry looks to follow suit.

VIDEO: Mae Young, Fabulous Moolah & Test VS Bossman & Albert

It didn't take long, Rush Limbaugh responded to Roberta McCain on his program following day. A tame response all things considered but it did have a cheeky illustration
roberta mccain, rush limbaugh, john mccain, mother, shoot
McCain's Mother Dumps on Rush!
RUSH: She's right. She's absolutely right. The Republican Party she belongs to get shellacked election after election after election. Man, send McCain's mother out to dump on me? (laughing) No, I love it. I love it. Her son said the same thing. (impersonating McCain) "He's just an entertainer, he's just an entertainer, got it, got it? He's just an entertainer, he-he, he-he, he-he. He's a clown, good clown, circus, that's it. He-he, he-he. You got it?" I don't know what the man means; I don't know what the man means.
With Rush's 'Stop or my Mom will shoot' reference gives McCain the Stallone trifecta having been likened to Rocky, Rambo and now Sgt. Joe Bomowski from the aforementioned movie.

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