Friday, May 1, 2009

Glenn Beck worried about President Obama's reliance on the teleprompter and the photo-op

VIDEO: Glenn Beck on President Obama's over reliance on the Teleprompter
GLENN BECK: Nothing against President Obama, everybody has to use the teleprompter, can the man not just look me in the eye and say "hey you're concerned about the bird uh the swine flu... why must everything be on a teleprompter all the time... This is 'Broadcast news' man.
This video carries on from my previous post on the meme that President Obama is artificial because of his reliance on the teleprompter and craven use of the photo-op.

There are two reasons why the meme is being employed by the President's detractors:
1) From a political playbook largely credited to Karl Rove in recent years, "attacking opponents on their strengths"
2) Conservatives simply value "from the gut" thought as illustrated previously. A fact regularly parodied by Stephen Colbert.

VIDEO: The Colbert Report - Truth from the gut
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Truth From the Gut
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STEPHEN COLBERT: Nation I have been a huge proponent of the gut... forget looking into each other's eyes, we need to look into each other's guts.
Read discussion and rebuttal of Beck's promo from Liberal blog 'Crooks and Liars' - It's bad enough that Beck is incoherent, but the flat falsehoods are fatal

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