Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hugh Hewitt with John McCain's Campaign manager, Steve Schmidt talking Sarah Palin and a post mortem of the Election

Hugh talks politics and what happened in '08 to the GOP with former John McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt.
04270902 H2: Steve Schmidt
HUGH HEWITT: How about Katie Couric and Governor Palin
STEVE SCHMIDT: Again in my view there was nothing that Katie Couric asked in that interview that was unfair to Governor Palin. It was not a good interview from the perspective of the McCain campaign but there were no questions that were asked that were gotcha questions or unfair questions.

It was a devastating interview for Governor Palin when you look back on it... It was the most consequential interview from a negative perspective that candidate for national office has gone through, not since Roger Mudd interviewed Ted Kennedy... But that doesn't mean I don't think Governor Palin was treated fairly, she was treated unfairly by the media during the course of the campaign.
Hugh asked a lot of questions that centered on the McCain's handling of Sarah Palin and their regrets, McCain troubled relationship with the conservative base and Schmidt's prognostications for the 2012 Election.
Listen the audio here - H2: Steve Schmidt

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