Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Daily Show and CNN's 'Reliable Sources' on President Obama and Dick Cheney's duelling speeches on National Security and Torture

Jon Stewart plays clips of how the media presented the competing speeches on Terrorism by President Obama and Dick Cheney as a boxing-style showdown. Whilst the segment supports the "fighting" analogy, as you'll see forgotten 'Top Heel' Bill Kristol makes an interesting analogy of his own.

VIDEO: President Obama VS Dick Cheney on torture and National Security
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May 21, 2009: American Idealogues
JON STEWART: What gives them [media] a woody? Conflict easily juxtaposed...
--audio from media clips--
President Obama and Dick Cheney's dueling national security speeches... the sniping from both sides has turned personal... they'll go at it on the same day... this high noon duel... Barack Obama, Dick Cheney going at it in the shelter... the gloves come off.. the strongest man wins
STEWART: Is there a more apt metaphor than boxing?
Update May 26:
Howard Kurtz' hosts a panel on CNN's 'Reliable Sources' discussing the media build up of Dick Cheney and President Obama's speeches. Whilst it understandably touches on the media's hand in manufacturing a wrestling style showdown the panel also alludes to the Obama's administration manipulation of Cheney's villainry to suit their needs.
State of the Union: Reliable Sources - May 24, 2009
KURTZ: Barack Obama remains the world's biggest newspaper, a media-certified celebrity as well as a president...

But as in comic books, every superhero needs a nemesis, and the press has now cast in that Darth Vader role a man who left office four months ago as a remarkably unpopular vice president...
PAGE: It's all an Obama plot. That's what it is.
I mean, figure it out. Cheney was scheduled at least a couple of weeks ago to speak to the AEI, the conservative American Enterprise Institute. Obama, just this week, suddenly announced he's going to make this speech on that same morning...

I think the White House is deliberately trying to replace Rush Limbaugh as the unofficial head of the party with Dick Cheney.
KURTZ: Because we can't resist? Because we like the idea of these two heavyweights squaring off?
TUMULTY: And it was -- you know, the White House used the timing. They understood that it would be -- it would be played the way it was. But again, these were two separate speeches in two entirely different parts of town.

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