Tuesday, May 5, 2009

John Ziegler on the intelligence of viewers and Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert being seen as "real news"

JOHN ZIEGLER: The reality is, people are stupid. And a lot of people do think Bill Maher or Jon Stewart or the Colbert Report or SNL actually is real news information and frankly its becoming more and more difficult to argue with those people because news has completely disintegrated in this day and age
NORAH O DONNELL: I think that's difference between us John, I don't think they think it is news... I think that people understand that it's a parody
This exchange links somewhat to this study from Ohio State University on the difference Conservatives and Liberals have in perceiving satire:
The Irony of Satire
Political Ideology and the Motivation to See What You Want to See in The Colbert Report

...we found that individual-level political ideology significantly predicted perceptions of Colbert's political ideology. Additionally, there was no significant difference between the groups in thinking Colbert was funny, but conservatives were more likely to report that Colbert only pretends to be joking and genuinely meant what he said while liberals were more likely to report that Colbert used satire and was not serious when offering political statements. Conservatism also significantly predicted perceptions that Colbert disliked liberalism.
Keith Olbermann welcomes Heather LaMarre, lead author of the "Colbert Study" as guest to talk about her findings investigating the differences in how conservatives and liberals digest the 'Colbert Report'

VIDEO: Is Colbert Laughing with you or at you?

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