Saturday, May 16, 2009

Glenn Becks says American Politics is like 'The Matrix'

I've talked about hyperreality plenty of times in this blog, Glenn Beck runs with the concept using the ultimate pop culture reference on the subject - The Matrix (1999)

Wikipedia describes Hyperreality thusly
Definition - Hyperreality
Hyperreality characterizes the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from fantasy, especially in technologically advanced postmodern cultures. Hyperreality is a means to characterise the way consciousness defines what is actually "real" in a world where a multitude of media can radically shape and filter the original event or experience being depicted.
matrix, glenn beck, red pill, blue pill Glenn Beck, complete with props invoked the famous Matrix scene where 'Morpheus' (Lawrence Fishburne) offers 'Neo' (Keanu Reeves) a choice between finding the truth or remaining in denial as symbolised by the red and blue pills. It's worth noting the pun the pill colors Red (Republicans) and Blue (Democratic) represent politically in America.
Time to Shatter the Matrix
Let me put it this way: Remember the movie "The Matrix"? Nothing was real, the world people lived in was a fabrication — a computer program. Our lives have been like that movie and it is not about Barack Obama. It's about Obama and Bush and Clinton and Bush. It has been going on for years, it is just a play and it goes back to the progressive movement — on both sides of the aisle.

In the movie the hero is offered two pills: red to learn the truth about the Matrix; blue to go on living blissfully ignorant to what is really going on.

The way to take our country back will short-circuit the Matrix we are living in. And it has to do with gun rights, state's rights and what I call the civilest war.

It is too much to get into now — but next week take the "red pill" and get the truth.
VIDEO: The Red Pill/Blue pill scene from the Matrix

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