Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dennis Miller tells Bill O'Reilly "Joe Biden hallucinates himself"

This blog has always been interested in hyperreality in Politics. The wrestling analogy applied to American Politics and Punditry basically refers to the "constructs" of personalities and storylines found in both. Most recently pundit Glenn Beck described this construct using the science fiction reference of 'The Matrix'.

Dennis Miller in his regular segment on the 'O'Reilly factor' suggests that eccentric VP Joe Biden is so preposterous that he may have manufactured himself into a simulated reality we're all living in.

VIDEO: Dennis Miller unloads on Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden - O'Reilly Factor (May 19, 2009)
DENNIS MILLER: I don't even know if Biden is the Vice President. I think Biden so believes his own crap that we all tend to believe it. I think this is a story he's telling a stranger at a diner where he's the second most powerful man in the country. and he believes it so much that its actually encroached on my life.

I don't even believe he's in the Senate. I don't believe there's a guy named Joe Biden. I think Joe Biden hallucinates himself.