Thursday, May 7, 2009

Glenn Beck ejects ACORN spokesman from the studio for accusing him of racism

VIDEO: Glenn Beck kicks ACORN spokesperson off set
GLENN BECK: ... he gets up and I said "You Sir and your organisation are bad for America" and he said -- I'll use yours (pointing to staffer) "You're just afraid of black people". I threw him out of the studio, get the hell out of my studio. And then he went off. He went off
Glenn Beck removes ACORN spokesperson, Scott Levinson from his set for accusing Beck of being racist.

Read the discussion at - Glenn Beck kicks ACORN spokesman off the set for accusing him of racism

Watch the entire Smackdown between ACORN spokesperson Scott Levinson and Glenn Beck, paying particular attention to the 7m 13s where Beck employs a technique popular amongst bickering kids

VIDEO: Glenn Beck - ACORN responds to voter registration fraud charges

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