Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Media Matters gives Bill O'Reilly some credit

Media Matters features a clip of Bill O'Reilly featuring a Media Matters clip on how Bill O'Reilly did a "good job". How meta

VIDEO: O'Reilly highlights "far-left smear site" Media Matters' video saying he "did a good job"

BILL O'REILLY: Check 2 - and this is unbelievable. The far left smear site Media Matters, which pretty much slimes me on a daily basis says I did a good job on this...

This 'hall of mirrors' self-referencing is often satirised by Bill O'Reilly-clone Stephen Colbert:

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert unveils new portrait of Stephen Colbert

STEPHEN COLBERT: Well folks that concludes the third and so far finest year of the Report... I want thank you, the Nation and of course I want to thank me. To mark the start of our fourth year together I got something we wanted most of all - another portrait of me...

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