Sunday, May 24, 2009

General Colin Powell to answer ctitics after Rush Limbaugh proclaims him "head of the Republican Party"

rush limbaugh, colin powell, republicans, conservativeInfluential conservative talker Rush Limbaugh made headlines in the middle of the week for abdicating as the "titular head of the Republican Party", a title he "hadn't sought after". It was a facetious ceremony to illustrate his frustration with the GOP and a mocking counter move to General Colin Powell who has been trying to marginalise Rush Limbaugh.
No Mas! El Rushbo Resigns as Titular Head of Republican Party
RUSH: As any of you and all of you who have been paying attention to the Drive-By news media the past number of months have heard, I am the titular head of the Republican Party... I have not been named the titular or any other head of the Republican Party by anybody in the Republican Party. And so I hereby, ladies and gentlemen, today announce that I am resigning...

I now today pronounce and proclaim General Colin Powell as the titular head of the Republican Party. From now on out, those of you who want to know what the party should do to win elections, to beat back the onslaught of Obamaism, ask General Powell. Look to his wise counsel, his leadership, and his words of encouragement for the Republican Party. General Powell is the one who knows whatever it is that must emerge for him to be a Republican. The media has all said that he is the most genuine Republican out there, the best Republican that there could be and speaks for many, period.
Colin Powell will be addressing his critics, presumably the sarcastic Rush amongst them who have questioned his prescription of "moderation" to resurrect the GOP.
In TV Appearance, Powell Plans To Answer Right-Wing Critics
Under intense fire from the right, former secretary of state Colin L. Powell is preparing to answer his Republican critics this weekend in a television appearance that is likely to add fuel to his long-standing feud with top conservatives in his party...

Since the election, he has called for the GOP to target mainstream moderates and abandon "impractical" ideas... Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and former vice president Richard B. Cheney have attacked Powell in recent days as a traitor to his party.
Update: May 24

VIDEO: Colin Powell On Face The Nation (May 24, 2009)
COLIN POWELL: Rush Limbaugh will not get his wish and Mr Cheney was misinformed... what the concern about me is that "is he too moderate?". I have always felt that the Republican Party should be more inclusive and it generally has been over the years. I believe we need a strong Republican Party that is not just anchored in the base but has built on the base to include more individuals...

What we need to do is debate and define who we are and what we are and not just listen to dictats that come down from the Right Wing of the party

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