Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Janeane Garofalo VS Ken Pittman, Fox News, Griff Jenkins and Sean Hannity

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Janeane Garofalo stalked by Fox News' Griff Jenkins
There has been some excitement today surrounding liberalism's Top heel (villain) Janeane Garofalo, lingering fallout from her provocative charges against the Tea party protesters. Appearing in Somerville Boston, for the 'Alternate Comedy Festival', Janeane Garofalo was stalked and ambushed by two separate conservative critics - Fox News' Griff Jenkins and local Talk Radio host Ken Pittman.

Ken Pittman, the self proclaimed "voice of reason in Massachusetts" made news for a planned protest of the comedian.
Janeane Garofalo gig sparks protest in Somerville
A group of steamed citizens led by conservative radio talk host Ken Pittman of New Bedford’s WBSM-AM plan to protest outside her gig tonight at the Somerville Theatre.

"She has exposed herself as a bigot" Pittman said.
About 20 to 40 people are expected to show up, he said.
Janeane's former co-host, Boston-raised Sam Seder stands up for his embattled friend and has some fun at the expense of Ken Pittman and his underwhelming protest.

VIDEO: Conservative Talker Ken Pittman gets ambushed by Sam Seder @
SAM SEDER: Do you think its gonna be awkward when he goes on Fox for him to just say that it was just him at that protest or what?... Well because I read in the Herald, I saw on Hannity that there were going to be people inside, that they were gonna have a real big surprise. It just turned out that he went out there with a Fox camera man and just recorded her
Friend and fellow comedian Marc Maron interviews Janeane Garofalo to get her side of the story
VIDEO: Janeane Garofalo Interview @
Ken Pittman shares his side of the story on his blog - Garofalo unapologetic and
Garofalo on Ken Pittman:
Basically, she is right about the protest. I was technically the only one there but on the bright side, I am tied for first for the smallest protest ever... I felt compelled to stick around for a few in case someone wanted to ask me anything or even tell me anything.
Watch the footage of Janeane Garofalo confronted by Griff Jenkins shown on Hannity's program
VIDEO: Fox News Griff Jenkins' confronting Janeane Garofalo

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